¿Qué es Coworking?

What is coworking?

Coworking is a global movement designed to create innovative workspaces, where collaborative efforts are promoted among the members. A coworking space offers the infrastructure of a modern office as a starting point, but you also get the camaraderie that comes along with having a group of coworkers and being able to share your ideas within a community of professionals.

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¿Para quién es el Coworking?

Who is it for?

For freelancers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to stop working by themselves or stuck in at-home offices or cafeterias and are ready to transition into a workspace surrounded with creative professionals where your productivity will rocket to the next level.

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¿Cómo funcionan los planes de Coworking?

How does it Work?

You can stop by on a daily basis or drop in whenever you need to use the space. The best part is, the cost will be set based on the use you set and adapts to your work style. We have monthly plans, Saturday plans and day passes.

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